Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Outcome!

So I'm back home from the hairdressers and I thought you may like an update following todays events.

The Consultation!

Arrived at the salon at 10.30am. Had coffee and usual necessities re: colour, cut etc. Then for my 'consultation', requiring a swizzy wheel of mystical powers which promised to 'diagnose' my hair problems and provide the correct personalised MIRACLE for my hair (see below).

Swizzy Mystical Diagnostic Wheel

Consultation revealed my diagnosis to be 'Unruly, Out of Control, Normal to Dry' - although to be honest, if I'd been asked, I could have given that opinion myself before the consultation even started. Pushing these doubts aside, I decided to get into the spirit of the occasion and not wanting to burst the bubble of mystery before we'd even got started, I made the appropriate "Ooh! I'm impressed" sounds and eagerly awaited the next stage.

Next, some magical gunky goo was poured into a pot and then two junior stylists spent a LONG time separating out tiny sections of my hair and individually coating each section with the goo. I was left for ten minutes with a head full of gunky spirals which strangely reminded me of the Predator movies (the one that took place in the jungle rather than that rubbish follow up in the warehouse) so I used this time to practice my Predator moves until the lady next to me asked what on earth those clicking noises were :(

There then followed the most wonderful head and neck massage that I've ever had (thank you, thank you, thank you Kelsy). So good in fact that I fell asleep mid-blog with my head down onto my chest, a position which almost certainly guaranteed gentle snoring and possibly even allowed an occasional dribble of spit to make it's way down my front - nice!

I had the product washed off (requiring further scrummy rubbing of head) and then dried and I have to say that it seemed to dry a) much quicker and b) relatively straight without too much effort.

I have to guard against this kind of overly optimistic thinking as the hairdressers can usually dry my hair straight anyway and they also make it look so easy however, I have definitely noticed a difference and I am hopeful of a decent result.

Tracey has told me that the product won't guarantee poker straight hair but with regular use, it should allow me to be able to dry my own hair straight, a task I have never mastered in all the years I've been trying (around 30ish).

Finally, I was packed off home with a bag of hair straightening goodies and a bar of Galaxy Bubbles (not sure why this is connected with hair but very thoughtful gesture all the same). I will be trying out my products in two days time when it comes to washing my hair. This will be the true test of their success and I will report back at that time so keep checking for updates.

In the meantime I am having a grand time swishing my hair at Woody, faffing at it and generally admiring it's beautiful straightness (see below) in every miror I pass.

I'm driving Woody crackers!

Sleek Hair

For comparison - The 'before' picture.

Big Hair

UPDATE - Five days have gone by since my 'miracle' during which time I have been washed my hair twice using the products provided. I thought you'd like to know that my hair is as curly (if not more so) than it was before I started. I'm such a sucker...

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