Friday, 22 April 2011

Some Very Disappointing News

This is just a very short post to let everyone know that I will not be taking part in the Inca Trek/Machu Piccu challenge with Metro Radio this month.

Most people already know that I had a bad accident whilst quad biking in 2009 which resulted in me undergoing reconstructive surgery to my leg. Although the surgeon did a cracking job at the time, my knee is considerably weaker as a result of the accident and unfortunately, I damaged it again whilst out walking recently. My doctor has advised that the leg is not robust enough to undertake the Inca challenge at this time and I have therefore had to pull out of the trek on medical grounds.

I was very appreciative of the fact that so many of you pledged sponsorship money via my Just Giving page. This will now be refunded to you via the card you used to make the original donation. Can you please allow fourteen days for this to be administered and then let me know if you did not receive your refund. The process is entirely independent of me but I am happy to chase up Metro Radio and Just Giving on your behalf if necessary. Thank you very much for your support and patience.

I am obviously disappointed about this recent turn of events but I'm trying hard not to feel too envious as I read the posts from my fellow trekkers as they make their final preparations before Friday ;-)

Good luck to everyone taking part on the trek. I'll be tuning in to Metro Radio to follow your progress over the next two weeks and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when you return. Have fun!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Dancing on Ice - A Disappointing Night

I’m at Newcastle Arena with some of my fellow Inca Trekkers. We’re here to rattle our tins for charidee and our forthcoming trek to Machu Piccu.

Tonights performance is part of the Dancing on Ice tour so I was rather hoping I might catch a glimpse of Torvill & Dean before the performance started but alas, it was not to be.

Instead, my fellow trekkers had to settle for a swift triple salco in the foyer from me which I then followed up with a stunning double axel. I must have done an amazing job because I turned around to find the programme sellers had fashioned scorecards from their programmes and awarded me straight 6.0’s across the board. The crowd applauded and threw roses to show their appreciation. They begged me to give another performance, insisting they’d rather watch me than Torvill & Dean, but I believe in always leaving a crowd wanting more so I made a graceful exit with my charidee tin, which by then was stuffed to the brim with crisp 20 GBP notes. An amazing night as I’m sure you’ll agree. Well done us!*

*Disclaimer - The above paragraph *may not* be an exact account of tonights events. The triple salco/double axel *may* have been a figment of someone’s overactive imagination. In fact, the most exciting thing to happen all night *may* have been a slight altercation with a policeman who *may* have told me off for rattling my tin at him rather aggressively and virtually demanding money by menace. It *may* be more accurate to say that I stood around like a gimp, trying to look happy, when in fact I was secretly masking a world of disappointment because I spent £88431579 on petrol to drive all the way here to collect 27p(ish) in donations.

I’m really grateful to the people who made a donation but to be perfectly honest, if I hadn’t had such a good laugh with the lads I would have felt it was a massive waste of an evening.

Never mind eh? It’s all for a good cause and its hard to be too despondent when I just know Woody’s rustling up a fabulous dinner to cheer me up when I get home <hopeful face>.

NB - If your heart ached with pity after reading this sorry tale of my futile efforts tonight you may feel moved to make a donation toward my cause. Remember this is all in aid of The Childrens Society to help them continue their fantastic work and you can show your support for them AND me by making a donation via my Just Giving page

Thanks for reading!