Sunday, 5 June 2011

And Then There Were Five!

Hello folks. This is just a short post to update everyone about the outcome of Maisie & William's search for a new family.

First of all can I just say a HUGE thank you to everyone who read the blog post and took the time to re-tweet and re-share it with their own followers and friends. If Blogger stats are to be believed, the post was read by more than 750 people and that's pretty amazing really so thank you all so much. The power of social networking eh?

After I published the blog on the Wednesday afternoon I felt really flat and sad at the thought of saying goodbye to the kittens. I spent most of Thursday and Friday in tears and although Woody is driven to distraction by them, I know he started to feel sad at the thought of them leaving too.

We received so many emails expressing interest. I don't think we really thought that anyone would actually read my blog, let alone respond and offer the kittens a home but in fact, the exact opposite has been the case. We were inundated with emails from people as far afield as the US and as near as the next town from our own house. Most people wanted to offer the kittens a home and some even went so far as to send lots of lovely pictures of where the kittens would be living/sleeping/playing. 

We were completely bowled over by the response and I know the kittens would have been very happy in any of the homes offered but sadly, and rather pathetically, as we read through each email, we became increasingly upset at the thought of them leaving us. As a result, we've decided to hang on to our furry little family after all and I've spent the last two days replying to emails, explaining our decision and apologising profusely for the inconvenience caused. 

Embarrassing huh? We really are a pathetic pair of softies...

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Could You Be Our New Family?

Hello. We are Maisie and William and we are looking for a new home and a new family to love and take care of us. In return we will give you lots of love, purry cuddles and giggles. Can you help?

Our mum was killed by a car when we were just three weeks old so we came here to live with Jules. At first we needed help to eat our dinners and we really missed our Mum so we needed lots of extra cuddles but we'll be ten weeks old tomorrow (2 June), and we're big enough now to live with a family without needing any special help.

We need a family who wants both of us. We're still quite little and we like to sleep together and play together.  Our tummies are tiny and we get full quite quickly so it would be best if our new family could give us small but frequent meals. Jules gives us something to eat every four hours but it won't be long before our tummies have grown and then we'll just need food in the morning and again in the evening. We like looking out of the window and we'd like to play outside when we're older but our new family will need to get us vaccinated and chipped before we can do that. We'll also need neutering/spaying but Jules can tell you how to get vouchers so you won't have to pay very much for that.

Jules would like us to live here forever but sadly, it isn't possible. There are other cats living here with Jules and they aren't used to having lots of small kitties around. One of them, the oldest one, is a little bit grumpy and set in her ways and since we came to live here, she rarely comes home anymore. This makes everyone feel bad and she's been here for lots of years so it isn't really very fair.

Jules also has something called 'asthma' and having extra kitties around is making it hard for her to breathe properly. When we first came to live here she got a bit poorly and had to go in a funny van with flashing lights on top to make her better again. She's been away on holiday for two days and her lungs have worked properly but now she's back home with us, she can't breathe and we don't want to make her poorly again.

We thought it might be useful to tell you a little bit about each of us so you can decide if we might be happy in your house.


Hello. I'm William. I have short hair and very beautiful markings down my sides and tummy.

My legs seem to be too big for my body at the minute so I'm a bit of an ungainly creature but Jules thinks I'll grow to fit my legs soon and I believe her. When I do she says I'll be a beautiful, refined and dignified cat and she'll feel very proud of me.

I love to chase pieces of string and I particularly like climbing curtains. Jules thinks this is really funny but I can easily learn not to do it if my new family don't like it and anyway, Jules says lots of cats do that when they're little like me but they grow out of it as they get older. I don't scratch furniture and I know how to use the litter tray so I wouldn't cause too much disruption in my new home.

I'm very affectionate and I like to be picked up quite a lot. I have a lot of energy for playing but only in short bursts so for now, while I'm still little, I like to have a snooze in between games. I love snoozing on Jules lap and I purr like a tractor as soon as she comes near me because I know it means she's going to fuss me up.


Hello. I'm Maisie. I'm a long haired tabby and as I get older I'll need some help to keep my beautiful fur looking it's best. Jules has a special brush and although the brush is bigger than me, I quite like it when she brushes my coat with it and I'd like my new family to brush me too.

I'm smaller than my brother but I'm also braver than him and I'm learning how to jump quite high to catch the mice that Jules throws for me. I love to climb but I don't climb curtains; I prefer to climb legs. Sometimes Jules lets me ride around the house whilst clinging on to her thigh. She doesn't seem to mind the tiny scratches I leave on her legs and she says I'll grow out of it soon anyway.

I'm a bit of a chatterer and I do tend to make chirrupy sounds as I play. I also growl like a dog when I eat chewsticks and I have a really loud purr which you would hear quite often as I'm a very happy, affectionate cat. I'm litter trained and I'm trying to be more ladylike but I do make strange noises from my bottom and then everyone runs away from me.

We both like to squeeze into small spaces so our new family would have to check we weren't getting behind kitchen units or locked in cupboards. If possible, we'd also really like a bed to share because we might be nervous at first in our new home and we'd feel more comfortable sleeping together.

This is us in bed. William is poking his tongue out and Maisie is on the left as you look at the picture.

Jules is very upset that we can't stay here with her. She might cry a bit when we leave and we know she'll miss us lots but she'll feel loads happier if she knows we've gone to a nice home with a family who will love us and look after us properly. She's got fabulous friends and she's hoping that one of them might read this and fall in love with us enough to collect us before her lungs get too bad again and she has to take us to the rescue centre.

Could you be our new family? If you think we could be happy in your home and you'd like us to come and live with you you can get in touch with Jules by leaving a comment below or alternatively via twitter (@_iamjules) or facebook if you're already connected there.

We're really excited about meeting you

lots of love

Maisie and William

>^..^<            >^..^<