Monday, 31 January 2011

Wish you were here?

I'm watching the BBC news report about the recent events in Egypt.  It's amazing to observe such a phenomenal political/cultural shift as it occurs but I can't help but think it puts a 'slight' dampener on our holiday plans.

Yes, I do realise how horribly shallow and self interested that makes me sound  and no, I don't need you to tell me what a selfish individual I am. Thank you very much anyway but I think I've earned the right to be selfish about this holiday to be honest.

You see, in June 2009 I was involved in a nasty accident which rendered me immobile for the best part of a year.  I had reconstructive surgery on my leg in November 2009 which was around the same time that we got another nasty shock as Woody was diagnosed with a brain tumour. 2009 was not a good year for us at all.

As a result of these events and the subsequent treatment required, neither of us were fit to fly so we had to cancel three holidays that year. A bummer I'm sure you will agree.

"Never mind" we thought. "We'll take ourselves off somewhere really nice when I'm off my crutches and Woody's treatment is over." So we planned and booked a really nice holiday to New York in April 2010.

Two weeks! Exciting huh? So imagine our disappointment when we arrived at the airport bright and early one April morning to find that an Icelandic volcano had erupted during the night and all flights were grounded because the sky was covered in a huge ash cloud.

"Never mind" we thought (again). "We'll book ourselves a really, really long holiday somewhere nice to make up for it" and off we went to the travel agent.  We booked a lovely holiday to Egypt for virtually the whole of December 2010. A week on a cruise on the Nile followed by a week in Cairo and finally, a week at a Red Sea resort, relaxing and enjoying the sun.

A whole month! Exciting huh? So imagine our disappointment when we arrived at the airport bright and early one December morning to find our plane had been delayed by four hours because of heavy snowfall. In turn this meant we missed our connection from Heathrow to Luxor and naturally, we also missed the boat. Literally! Another holiday cancelled.

"Never mind" we thought (although my bottom lip wobbled slightly). "We'll book ourselves a really interesting holiday in January. Somewhere we've always wanted to visit. I know! What about Russia? Will it be too cold? It is January after all. Ack! Let's just book it anyway. We've managed perfectly well in Poland and other similar countries in January/February" so off I went to the internet to explore our options.

I found a fabulous deal. It was just what we were looking for. We'd fly to Moscow at the end of January and spend a week there before taking the train down to St Petersburg. We'd spend another week there before flying home again. We were really excited.

Then a bomb went off in Moscow airport so we decided that wasn't meant to be either.

So we booked to go to Egypt. In February. February 14th to be exact. Romantic huh? Just two weeks at a Red Sea resort. Nothing flash but oh my goodness, do we need this holiday to be ok. And then the Egyptian people decide to have a revolution the week before we're due to fly out there.

So as sefish as I sound, I'm sure you can understand why there's a tiny part of me that just wishes they could have hung on until March. Or even the very end of February. Just to give us enough time to let us have our holiday first. Or maybe we should just give up, stay home and rent a few DVD's. It'll certainly be a lot less hassle. Wish you were here? I don't think so!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year, New Beginnings, New Blog.

I've been threatening it for a while but today is the day that I FINALLY get my act together and start a real, live, grown up blog.

I've always been a chatterer and I expect to emit a certain amount of blether but even I can see that it's unrealistic to continue clogging up my poor, overstretched Tumblr account. I'll continue to use the Tumblr mini blog for pictures and snippets but I'll save my lengthy ramblings for here. I'll also transfer some of the longer 2010 posts from across from Tumblr over the next week or two.

So dear Reader, Happy New Year and prepare to be dazzled!*

*Disclaimer - Dazzling may vary depending on expectations. It's probably a good idea to aim low to minimise risk of disappointment