Friday, 18 October 2013

Little Heroes

In the early hours of this morning, while it was dark and still and very, very peaceful, I read a few extracts from Woody's journal and found a whole section called 'Little Heroes'. 

It contained details of people he'd encountered in everyday life; people who'd inspired him because of their attitude to life or because of something they'd said at the time. 

It was lovely to read it and I even remembered some of the people he'd included. There was a terminally ill man that we once met on a ward when Woody was in hospital. He was being discharged at the end of that day because he didn't have much time left and he was desperate to die at home with his wife & dog to keep him company. He wasn't at all maudlin. He was just very much in love with his wife of 56 years, grateful for the life they'd had together and really happy to be allowed home so that they could chat as long as possible before he had to go. Can you imagine being with someone for 56 years and still being excited to see them? Desperate to chat to them? Isn't that lovely? 

Another 'Little Hero' on Woody's list was an old guy who once helped us out when we were hopelessly lost in Teesside one night. We'd stopped to ask for directions but before we'd even finished the sentence, he'd opened the back door of the car & hopped in because the route was complicated and he didn't want us to get lost. He gave a running commentary of interesting landmarks until we arrived at our destination twenty minutes later and he hopped out again, eyes twinkling with laughter as he refused all offers of a lift back to our starting point, insisting that we'd only get lost again and reassuring us that he was enjoying his adventure and fancied a walk anyway. 

People who are kind, helpful and positive make the world a better place and I'm sitting here, eating my lunch and counting my blessings because I have an abundance of people like that in my life. 

All of my friends are kind and good and I'm especially lucky to have those boys next door, even though they're always calling me a "stupid looking c**t". Little charmers... 

Then there's Gill.

Also known as John (and various other daft names that I've given her over the many years that we've been friends) Gill is the best mate anyone could have. She's more placid than anyone I've ever met in my life, although she's got a stonking right hook when she (infrequently) does blow a gasket. Normally though, she's so laid back I'm almost sure she sometimes forgets to breathe! 

She's done so much to keep me going this last year, since Woody died, that I can't even begin to list it but I know I'd have been lost without her. 

On holiday recently we were trying to work out the day of the week when she was born because I was convinced she must be a Friday child - loving and giving. As it happens, she's a Saturday child - works hard for a living, but either of those descriptions would be equally as appropriate. She's the most diligent, conscientious, reliable, thoughtful, loyal person I know, a real grafter and usually very resilient but she's having a crummy time of it at the minute and I feel powerless to do anything to help. 

It's a rotten feeling, especially as she does so much for me. We both had such a good time on holiday and I'd dearly love to take her away again, somewhere hot and relaxing, so she could get away from the crappy stuff in her life at the minute, but I'm too skint. 

I never buy into that stuff about praying for people but I know lots of you do so if you've got any positive vibes, can you send them Gill's way or give your crystals an extra rub in her honour as you dance around your cauldrons tonight.

She's a little hero who needs a little bit of love, support & good fortune at the minute. 

Thanks, folks!