About Me

I am Jules...

I live in the North East of England with four (yes, that's right, I said FOUR) very good natured rescue moglets named Millie, William, Maisie and Jason Bourne.

I'm an accountant and university lecturer, a HUGE lover of shoes and handbags, a top shopper, reluctant dieter, iPhone admirer, cat stroker and general waster!

My culinary skills are disastrous but I'm good at organising other people and I'm always very appreciative of everyone else's efforts in the kitchen.

My special skill is being able to fit SEVENTEEN LARGE MARSHMALLOWS into my mouth at once. I defy you to beat that. Go on then... I dare you. Send pics. If anyone beats me they get an automatic spot in my 'Marshmallow Gruffers Hall of Fame'*

My main aspiration in life is to work in a tiny cake shop in a village by the sea where I can while away my days talking gibberish to customers and eating my way through the profits. Utter bliss!

*This is not actually a real thing but if you're daft enough to send a pic in I'll create one especially for you